Why home automation

Full control over all the various facets in the home at the tip of one’s finger greatly enhances the enjoyment and quality of life. Carrot Home’s centerpiece of its intelligent home solution is a centralized system given to you to monitor and control every corner of your home with just one touch – using a web browser remotely and locally. Centralized control can be applied to a wide range of home equipment ranging from lighting, fans, and air-conditioners to A/V appliances and motorized curtains.

And to give you added flexibility to allow you to activate your home system even when you are away from home, control can be performed on either iOS or Android based smartphones. In addition to that, IP based security cameras can be installed into the home for a full home automation solution. These cameras can be remotely accessed from anywhere through smartphones, giving one a peace of mind should one be away from home.

To ensure that this control is safely under your command only, secured web-based login coupled with secure socket layering is added for the communication between the user and the home automation device. In addition, real time status on alarm zones, windows, doors, lighting and air conditioning can be provided.

Our energy saving features and solutions enable you to effortlessly save on your home electric bills. We do this by adding the “intelligence” into elements of energy consumption around your home – such as turning off various power consuming appliances at optimal times, and using external light for example to optimize you use of indoor lighting etc. Other examples of solutions in this category include occupancy detection, dimming, and blind controls, etc.

So take the first step to try out some of our eco-friendly products and solutions, and start saving not just our planet, but also cut down on expenses at the same time!